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Alive Time Challenge: A Daily Stoic Course

Alive Time Challenge: A Daily Stoic Course

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There’s two types of time in life: alive time and dead time. Given excess time, most people elect to ‘kill it’ by watching Netflix, mindlessly scrolling on their phone or complaining or wishing it away. We know these types of people because we are these people. That’s dead time.

We all live that way too often. 

But of course, it doesn’t have to be that. We can also use excess time to learn and improve. To invest in ourselves. Learn new skills. Make the best out of every spare moment. 

This is a choice we face regularly…but it is even more pressing to us today. 

COVID-19 is here and right now you, and most of the world, are on lockdown. We may not be able to control all our circumstances, but we can always seize the moment. How we decide to react to this, to use this time, determines who we are as people. It determines what this will tragic setback will mean for us. 

That’s why we created the Daily Stoic Alive Time Challenge. To give you the best Stoic wisdom, tools, and motivation to transform over the14 days and arm you with skills and an attitude that will help you turn this negative into a positive. To give you the exact outline to create the most ‘alive time’ you can in our current situation. 

This challenge is a set of 14 extremely actionable challenges, presented one per day, you can do from anywhere, built around the most timeless Stoic wisdom. 

We’re taking our best material and the best insights from the Stoics and organizing it to help you make the most of this time we have. Why shouldn’t you emerge from these trying times having at least wrested from it some real advantages? Why would you kill time when you could be seizing that time? Why not use it to create better habits and a better perspective?

As they say, this moment is not your life. But it is a moment in your life. How will you use it?

The challenge will inspire you to:

✓ Use the next 14 days productively
✓ Be of greater service to your community and those in need
✓ Develop resistance in the face of the current situation
✓ Create an actionable plan for your days moving forward
✓ Leave these 14 days being the absolute best version of yourself.

What are the risks or the downsides of NOT taking control of your life? For allowing this time past and not using it to your best potential? Not preparing yourself to be the master of your existence? Most of the risks aren’t dire, but none of the downsides are good. Some are just downright miserable. Don’t let that happen. Again.

Each day you will receive the day’s challenge along with a number of resources and commentary on how to best implement the challenge into your daily life. Each day participants also receive a daily video companion from Ryan Holiday, bestselling author of The Obstacle Is The Way, Ego Is The Enemy, Stillness is the Key, and more.  

As part of joining the Daily Stoic Alive Challenge, you will have the option of joining the group’s dedicated Slack Channel, where you’ll be able to chat with other challenge participants around the world in real time.   

You'll also receive a printable 14-day wall calendar with custom illustration of each day's challenge. It’s a great visual representation of the progress you’ve made, and a preview of the challenges to come.   


✓ 14 Custom Challenges. Delivered Daily. (Over 10,000 words of exclusive content)  

✓ Daily Audio Companion From Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday 

✓ Printable 14 Day Calendar With custom daily illustrations to track progress  

✓ Live Wrap-Up Live Webinar With Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday

More important, we’re giving $5 of every sale (20% of all proceeds) to FeedingAmerica. By doing this challenge together we can create what Marcus Aurelius calls a double bonus--doing good for ourselves and the people on the front lines fighting to keep us safe. 

As Epictetus said, you “should not be satisfied with mere learning, but add practice then training. As time passes we forget what we learned and end up doing the opposite, and hold opinions the opposite of what we should.”

Members of Daily Stoic Life receive this course, and every course and challenge that we sell, completely free! They also receive other benefits, from quarterly Q&As with Ryan Holiday to product discounts and more. Find out more here.

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This challenge originally launched on March 30, 2020. If you sign up now, you'll receive each of the emails in the order they were originally sent.

Testimonials from past Stoic Challenge participants:

“The challenge was awesome. One of the things that really blew me away was just the interaction with the group. In the Slack group I connected with people well outside my normal demographic and world view. The overwhelming support in the channel was amazing, and I feel like it was a ‘quake’ towards sympatheia.” - Daniel Hebb

“The whole experience was brilliant, some of the challenges were easy for me, others were very hard and pushed me.” - Paul Williamson

"I loved the fact that the daily challenges engage not only your mind, but your body and spirit. One day, you might be challenged to surrender to voluntary discomfort, such as a cold shower or jump in an ice bath (I did), and another day, you may be asked to reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken with in some time. Moving beyond my inner voice to action set the 30 Day Challenge apart for me, and got me on my way to further learning. 

"I’d highly recommend the Challenge to others who are interested in deepening their understanding of Stoic writings, but most importantly how stoic principles can be meaningfully applied to our daily lives." - Mark Clayton

“The 30 Day Stoic Challenge really helped push me deeper into actual practice of Stoic principles, aside from just doing daily readings and some journaling.

“I still have the 30 day challenge hanging on my fridge.  It serves as a daily reminder of simple, relevant tasks that can be performed to keep this alive in my life.” - Shawn Sarazin

“The 30 Day Stoic Challenge kicked off an avalanche of change in my life. I was certain there were some challenges I simply could not complete and had a bad attitude about many others. Not only was I able to do more than I thought I could, but I also discovered that my attitude towards some of the requirements underwent a radical change after giving them a try...even if it took a few days past that task for it to sink in. The changes continue to happen. A wall of resistance crumbled during the Challenge.  Over and over and over again I've heard that I can control the quality of my days, and my life is in my hands, and every other buzz phrase that's floating around out there. I've also done some other challenges and taken classes, but the 30 Day Stoic Challenge let me experience what those words meant. This was a unique experience and has probably saved me a ton of money that would have gone to a shrink.” - Mary Madsen