The Company

Brass Check is a creative advisory that runs The Daily Stoic and The Daily Dad. The Daily Stoic is an educational platform that includes a daily email newsletter, daily podcast, weekly videos, educational articles, and ecommerce store. 400,000 people receive the daily emails, 75 million have downloaded the podcast, and millions more follow on social media. Outside of content, we create physical and digital products related to Stoicism and fatherhood.


The Role

This role will assist the Head of Products at Brass Check. You will help maintain the existing products offered by Daily Stoic and Daily Dad, as well as help bring new products to life. This means going from an idea to a finished product in our online store. In your role you will take on administrative tasks related to each product as well as improving each existing product and supply management.

Specific duties would include:

Inventory Management

  • Collaborate with our fulfillment center to maintain adequate inventory on all existing products
  • Work with existing manufacturers to reorder products when needed
  • Monitor Amazon inventory and send out new product to warehouses when needed

Existing Product Maintenance

  • Work with our web development team to enhance promotional email sequences related to each product
  • Coordinate with existing manufacturers for better terms on existing products
  • Work to enhance any current product listings (better photos, web layouts, etc)


New Product Development Assistance

  • Find new manufacturers to create new products as developed
  • Coordinate with new manufacturers and existing fulfillment center to ensure on time arrival


Ideal Candidate


The ideal candidate:

  • Has a strong interest and familiarity with Stoicism specifically and philosophy generally 
  • Has worked in product management previously 
  • Is able to work with a remote team spread across many states
  • Is extremely organized and does not miss deadlines 
  • Lives in Austin, TX or is willing to come to Austin for team events


This is a full-time position we are looking to fill within the next two weeks. To apply, please send resume, a cover letter, and relevant work experience to dailystoicPM@gmail.com. In your email put “Product Manager” in the subject line. The deadline for applying is March 7, 2022.